Internet and Security Laboratory(ISecLab)


CryptoMagnifier AESS

The AESS project implements a large-scale comprehensive measurement of the security of the Android ecosystem

CryptoMagnifier CryptoMagnifier

A static analysis tool to detect cryptographic misuse bugs in IoT firmware images

Profuzz Profuzz

Profuzz is a fuzzing platform which focuses on discovering vulnerabilities in protocol design and implementation


Committed to the latest network-related technology or system security

AI Security Platform For CPS System AI Security Platform For CPS System

Platform for comprehensive security analysis of AI-Stack of Autonomous Vehicles, Robot, UAV and other AI-based CPS systems

LiveBugger LiveBugger

LiveBugger is a new deepfake-powered attack framework that enables customizable, automated security evaluation of FLV

Trustworthy AI Inference Systems Trustworthy AI Inference Systems

This project place a strong emphasis on fairness,robustness and Privacy of the AI Inference Systems